Birmingham School of Arts presents “Perception- The Human Figure in the eye of an Artist”. The exhibition was curated by ARTlife, a group of 9 students studying Fine Arts at Birmingham City University:

      • Amy Hugget
      • Charlotte Belamy
      • Emma Langley
      • Ilona Sekita
      • Jacquiline Lupahla
      • Karina Cabanikova
      • Nadine Paige Riley
      • Nikki Langlands
      • Rebecca Homer

Group Pic

Jacquiline Lupahla, one member of the group, explains how the group came up with the title Perception:

This group of student of level 4 combined their interested in the human figure to organise a show displaying the work of 9 artists ranging from Level 5 to MA.

Investigating the artist’s view on the human figure and how this can be portrayed to the viewer, ARTlife explored a variety of mediums and techniques ranging from Photography, Paint and Sculpture.

Anna Sheppard, a level 5 student, was one of the artists attending the exhibition.

The candles were part of a series of work of which their content explored the female body in particular. Although behind its aesthetics the notion of sadistic tendency became apparent.

Anna Sheppard

Besides charcoal, oil paint and even film there was space for duck tape.

Marcus Tang, a Level 6 student, is also one the artist chosen for the exhibition. The influence of PopArt Using helped me think about this unconventional medium.

So..let’s see what the visitors thought:


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